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Have you got an existing CCTV system that's practically useless because it has no night vision capability?  Or are you tired of people using your parking area and leaving without paying?  Whatever the reason for your CCTV woes, Moore Secure have got the equipment you need to combat them.  So if you need a security camera installation service, contact Moore Secure anywhere in Hampshire or Cheshire.

Multiple options with our security camera installations

When it comes to CCTV, Moore Secure have you covered.  Whether it's better visibility at night, number plate capturing on rogue drivers, fully monitored systems for automatic police response or even high definition cameras for picture perfect images; we have the right option for what you need.  We even offer digital image storage, movement sensor triggering and automatic image or text alerts to your phone upon detection of an intruder.  Some of our cameras can even be adapted for intelligent functionality.  So if you want your CCTV to employ face detection or identify cars of a certain colour; we can accommodate this as well.

What our CCTV can offer:

  • Night vision
  • Traffic monitoring
  • 24 hour monitoring with police response
  • Digital image storage
  • Movement sensor triggering
  • Image and text alerts on activation
  • Intelligent functionality (e.g. face detection)
  • HD visuals
CCTV systems

Take it further

If security is important to you, then why not complement your alarm and CCTV systems with one of our access control systems?  If you want to regulate who comes in and out of your property, we have a range of security measures that account for specific criteria, including fingerprints and retinas.
'I have used Moore Secure for my CCTV and my alarm systems and the service is excellent over and over again.  I can honestly say I am over the moon with all aspects of their work.'

- julianporter (Yell Review)
For CCTV camera installation, look no further than Moore Secure.
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01794 523 470 (Hampshire) or 01625 528 471 (Cheshire)

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