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The future of alarm signalling


In line with the ever-changing world of technology, CSL has designed a DualCom variant utilising GPRS (Packet Radio) as its encrypted primary signalling path. Combining this with IP (Internet Protocol) technology as the alternative path, it gives you a truly cost effective and secure approach to dual-signalling.


Here's the science bit


In the event of an alarm, DualCom's GPRS sends packets of data, via radio. The speed of transmission surpasses the older GSM technology, hence its suitability for sending alarm signals. Rather than having to ‘dial-up' for a connection, GPRS systems are permanently switched on and transmit instantaneously. Another popular feature of GPRS is its low operating costs. A flat rate is charged to cover all calls made and monitoring.


The IP path uses an TCP/IP connection to include compatibility with Broadband/WAN/LAN. DualCom's IP path can either replace the PSTN path or be used in addition, creating up to three diverse routes on alarm transmission.


2 high-speed signalling paths

No ARC chip programming required (plug and go)

Automatically locks into ARC (Alarm Recieving Centre)

Low running costs

Low installation costs

Secure, encrypted packet data

EN50131 Grades 2, 3 or 4


Now with WorldSIM Exclusive to CSL DualCom the WorldSIM® provides  access to all four UK mobile networks in one single product. The WorldSIM® is contained within the Vodafone secure user group and it is also part of the DualCom Gemini Managed Network providing  near 100% radio coverage in the UK.



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