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It's not always easy to reconcile the security of your property with what you need to do on a daily basis.  Owning a store, for instance, opens you up to the risk of shoplifting.  You may have your eye on a suspicious individual who enters your store, but the realities of engaging with customers forces you to look away at a crucial point.  That's the beauty of CCTV, which provides 24 hour coverage of your premises so you don't have to.  More often than not, the actual presence of CCTV can be an effective deterrent in of itself.   So make your life a little easier, and call Moore Secure.

Home security cameras for every requirement

Moore Secure provides a range of CCTV equipment to meet a number of different needs.  The majority of our equipment can be covertly deployed in small objects, but we can also implement more obvious CCTV to deter intruders.  You also have the option of HD cameras to negate grainy images, and we even offer fully monitored CCTV systems that can generate an automated police response.  For more information, contact one of our offices in Hampshire or Cheshire.

So why go with us?

  • 30 years of experience
  • Range of CCTV systems offered
  • FREE no obligation quotation
  • Qualified CCTV repairs
  • Option of fully monitored systems

Existing CCTV not working?

As well as supplying and fitting new CCTV systems, we're also qualified to repair existing ones. So if your system is suffering from blurry night vision, the picture is not displaying on the camera or anything in between; the qualified team at Moore Secure are here to help.
'The only CCTV company we'd use'

- Rob Sewell, Operations Manager (Yell Review)
Time to install a home security camera?  For a range of surveillance cameras tailored to what you need, Moore Secure are the team to call.
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01794 523 470 (Hampshire) or 01625 528 471 (Cheshire)

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